Warwick Town Park Disc Golf Course

The Best Places to Play Disc Golf in Upstate New York

If you’ve been looking for a new place to play disc golf, try the Warwick Town Park Disc Golf Course in Upstate New York. This course is open from sunrise to sunset, and is a great way to get outside and spend some time with friends. You can find it near the first parking lot at a small sign. Scorecards can be found in a box behind the sign, and bathrooms are near hole 17’s tee. Warwick Town Park is also dedicated to returning lost discs to their rightful owners, and encourages players to post lost discs on a forum to find the owners. A fantastic read.

Warwick Town Park Disc Golf Course

The Brakewell Steel /Warwick Town Park Disc Golf Course NY was developed by volunteers and opened in April 1999. The course features a variety of terrain, including rolling hills, pronounced elevation changes, and wide open fields. The course includes multiple tees, a variety of challenging obstacles, and scenic vistas. The course also includes a restroom located near hole 17 Silver. There are many amenities for disc golfers, including parking, restrooms, and a kiosk.

The course is open from sunrise to sunset, and the first tee is located near a sign. The scorecard is typically available in a box behind the sign. There are also restrooms located near the tee at hole 17. The course is maintained to encourage players to return lost discs to their owners. In addition, a forum has been set up for players to post lost discs.

Saxon Woods Disc Golf Course

A Saxon Woods Disc Golf Course is supposed to be built in the park located in White Plains and Scarsdale. That’s according to an anonymous flyer. Apparently, local officials conspired to clear trees and install a disc golf course in the park. Is that true? Let’s find out. Is Saxon Woods Disc Golf Course a viable option for this park?

The Westchester Parks Department explored the idea of installing a disc golf course at Saxon Woods. The trees are now marked with ribbons, and a course is planned for the area. Disc golf is similar to traditional golf in that a Frisbee is thrown into an elevated metal basket. Players try to make it to the basket with the fewest number of throws. Other Westchester County parks that already have disc golf courses include FDR State Park and Leonard Park in Mt. Kisco. Discover more about Harness Racing Museum & Hall Of Fame.

Stonykill Disc Golf Course

If you want to experience a new sport, consider trying disc golf. This sport combines hiking and a recreational activity. It is similar to hiking and consists of a series of holes. The Warwick Town Park Disc Golf Course NY is located near Zilker Park in Warwick, NY. The course features 18 holes and is easy to navigate, with well-maintained trails through the park. A walk through the course will take you past tennis courts and baseball fields, and past the park’s award-winning rose garden. There are challenging tee-offs as well as easier holes for beginners.

The Warwick Town Park Disc Golf Course NY is home to two disc golf courses. The Wolfe Woods course is an 18-hole course with dual baskets on each hole. This course has multiple tees, including a shorter version called Animal. It features four different layouts, dual baskets, and a meandering brook. There is even a UDisk app to log your score!

Oak Ridge State Park in Clark, New Jersey

Oak Ridge State Park in Clark, New Jersey is a 90-acre county park that is managed by Union County. The park used to be part of Oak Ridge Golf Course, but was converted to a park in 2009. Today, it is a popular destination for locals and visitors. You can hike, bike, and play some golf in the park. Oak Ridge State Park has many different activities to offer visitors. For the whole family, Oak Ridge State Park is the perfect spot for a day of fun.

Whether you’re visiting Clark for a day trip or a weekend getaway, Oak Ridge State Park is a great place to spend some quality time outdoors. With more than six hundred acres of land, Union County has a wide variety of activities. This park features a multi-use path, a fitness trail, a Disc Golf Course, and an archery range. Disc Golf players can practice their swings for free, but it is important to check the County website to see if the course is open. During the warmer months, you can enjoy some quality time with your dog.

Wilcox Disc Golf Course in the Shawangunks

A nine-hole disc golf course overlooking the shimmering lake in the Shawangunks offers a challenging game for all skill levels. Wilcox features 18 dual-tee holes and fourteen of them are over 400 feet long. The course is designed by Dan Doyle and offers a variety of terrain challenges for all levels of players. The course is a favorite among disc golf enthusiasts in the Hudson Valley.

The Wilcox Disc Golf Course is part of Discap, a non-profit organization that promotes disc golfing. The course features 18 holes, with an easier front nine and a challenging back nine. The course has plenty of natural obstacles like small cliffs and dense forests. Players should wear proper shoes and hiking boots, and take breaks to admire the scenic mountain vistas.

Wilcox Disc Golf Course in Schenectady

The 18-hole Wilcox Disc Golf Course in Scheneckdy, NY, is one of the best in the state. The course, which is owned by the City of Schenectady, features a hilly, reclaimed gravel mine as its backdrop. Disc golfers will find many challenging obstacles on this course, and many holes feature multiple baskets and views of the lake in summer.

Disc golf is a fun and unique way to get outside and enjoy nature. This course is a mix of golf and frisbee. Disc golfers use discs with different weights and sizes that adjust for power and distance. The challenging tee-offs and varied terrain are great for novices and experienced players alike. The Hudson Valley is a great place to practice the sport and meet new friends. Browse next article.


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