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Sewage Damage Services

Sewage is a Bio hazardous material filled with harmful bacterias and potential disease. It can cause severe health issues if not cleaned up and disinfected properly.

Sewage can destroy property structure, carpeting, personal and business equipment, electronics, furniture, appliances, and any other content in an affected space.

Sewage Damage Restoration Professionals

When a sewage disaster occurs, it is important that the cleanup process happens by certified and insured individuals that know proper cleanup measures, how to sanitize the affected areas and items, and how to properly restore the property to pre-loss condition.

Sewage damage restoration will require a few things:

  • A professional analysis of the extent of the damage
  • Industrial equipment that will successfully clean and sanitize affected areas
  • Ventilation
  • Industry approved cleaning products and techniques

No sewage cleanup job should be attempted without the help of licensed and certified individuals who can analyze the extent of the damage and determine the safety of the affected property. In fact, it can be hazardous for individuals to enter a sewage damage situation before it is declared safe.

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