Fire Damage Restoration in Connecticut

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Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Connecticut

Few ordeals can compare to the sheer devastation caused by fire damage, as it ravages your home or business and renders cherished belongings irreparable. The toll it takes on your emotions and well-being can be far-reaching, necessitating immediate action. At Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc., we have a team of fire restoration experts who understand the urgency and will work tirelessly to restore your property to its pre-loss state, making us the most trusted fire damage company in Connecticut.

When disaster strikes and your home is ravaged by fire, turn to Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. for prompt and professional fire restoration services. Our expert team will guide you from your initial call all the way through the restoration process, working diligently to ensure your insurance claim is treated fairly. With our reputation as the most trusted fire damage company in Connecticut, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and life are in capable hands.

Fire Restoration

Steps to Take After a Fire in Connecticut

Board up any doors or windows that have been damaged or destroyed to discourage vandalism as well as prevent additional damage from rain or wind.
Disturb as little of the damaged area as possible to prevent contamination to unaffected areas.
Open doors and windows if possible. Ventilation will reduce the penetration of smoke odor.
Fire Board Up

Connecticut Emergency Fire Board Up Services

A fire can be an utterly devastating event for homeowners and business owners, leaving structures compromised with broken windows, missing doors, and extensive damage such as holes in roofs and walls.

Securing your property becomes an immediate priority, which is where emergency fire board up services come into play. These services offer protection and security by boarding up blown-out windows and securing exposed access points. Moreover, tarping roof holes is crucial to prevent secondary damages caused by the elements. By utilizing fire board up services, you can deter the elements, vandalism, and unwanted animal intrusions while also alleviating some of the financial strain resulting from a fire.

If your Connecticut home or business has been affected by a fire, don’t hesitate to call Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. We provide 24/7 emergency fire board up services to assist you in your recovery process.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process in Connecticut

Site Inspection

Following a fire, the professionals at Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. in Connecticut will immediately send our fire damage experts to inspect your property and begin developing an estimate for the project.

Fire Board Up

If your property is damaged and exposed to the elements, our experts will begin boarding up your property to ensure it’s safe and secure.

Water Damage Cleanup

The firefighters will often use water to extinguish fires and save your property, but this also brings about its own set of concerns. If your property has standing water, we will need to extract the water and dry your property before moving on to the fire cleanup.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires cause an unpleasant amount of damage. When you contact Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. for our fire damage restoration services, we promise to have the equipment and experience needed to handle restoration jobs of any size.


Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. will coordinate with your insurance company to ensure your claim is fairly treated and covered. We will help by documenting the entire fire damage process with pictures and invoices.