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How to Recover After a Fire

Fire is one of the most destructive and violent events that can happen to you as a homeowner in Warwick. One minute you have a beautiful home where you and your family are safe from the outside world. Then in a blink of an eye, everything changes, what do you do now? Who do you turn to? The first thing you need to do after the fire has been put out would be to call in a local fire damage cleanup team, like Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc.Hudson Valley DKI.

Once the fire has been extinguished and the visible damage has been taken care of, the focus will shift to the even more important, the hidden damage to the structure of your home, not to mention the health risks it creates. Even if the fire damaged only a small portion of your Warwick home it is essential to have the structure checked because the heat from the fire may have weakened parts of your foundation.

Damage to your foundation can cause weak spots that can lead to the total collapse of your home. Damage to the structure of your home isn’t the only damage that a fire can cause. There are several types of damages you may have to deal with, unless you call in a fire damage cleanup professional, they can take care of the damages for you. Plumes of smoke that are produced by fire spread a nasty brew of chemicals that damage everything that it settles on. The Chemicals and water used to extinguish the fire will accelerate the rusting in the metal units in your home. Smoke and soot particles can form a weak acid that if left unchecked will begin to eat away at the wood in your home. Wood will weaken and become discolored. Over a period of time, the wood will peel and crack.

Of all the things that smoke damages, none is more precious than the health of your family. Constant exposure to smoke residue can trigger various skin rashes and respiratory ailments. In some of the most severe cases, asthma attacks can be induced by smoke and cause additional casualties long after the fire’s last embers are extinguished. Even after the worst of the fire damage has been removed and repaired, the smoke odor and soot can become increasingly harder to repair. After a short amount of time soot will cause the carpets to become permanently discolored, the glass will need to be replaced as well as all fixtures. The caustic acids in soot and ash can continue causing damage until your home has been properly cleaned and sanitized.

Smoke and soot cannot be cleaned by normal cleaning products, soot collects in hidden spaces and hard to reach places in the structure of your home. It is extremely important to have a team of fire damage professionals can help you recover from your fire experience. Professionals will have access to all the equipment needed to restore your home to pre-fire conditions. Any fire damage cleanup company worth their salt will be available 24/7 so they can respond quickly to your call for help.