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Smoke Damage Hazards

After the immediate damage caused by a fire, the lingering smoke damage is one of the most damaging effects of a fire. Smoke damage can discolor your walls and carpet, make your home smell terrible, and cause you serious health problems. Below are some of the specifics of 4 of the most common hazards posed by smoke damage. Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. in the Goshen, New York area, is here to help you with all your smoke damage restoration concerns.

Respiratory Issues

This is the most hazardous result of smoke damage. Smoke and soot can be very dangerous and hazardous if inhaled. Even though the visible smoke is no longer present, its effects linger. You should be very cautious going back to your home after a fire. It would be wise to wear the appropriate respiration protection as well.

Soot particles are a part of the smoke and pose a serious threat. Soot particles are microscopic and will spread everywhere. They also contain burnt particles or a variety of materials. Oftentimes, those particles are remnants of plastic or metals. As a result, you could potentially inhale many dangerous materials without even knowing it.

Skin and Eye Irritation

Along with damaging your respiratory system, the smoke and soot particles can also irritate your skin and eyes. Along with irritation, the could also cause skin dryness. You can use some lotion to combat the dryness, but if you are exposed to the smoke enough, it could cause more serious skin issues to develop.


When it comes to discoloration, the more porous the material, the worse shape it will be in. If it is porous, the smoke will seep into it and potentially even cause the discoloration to be permanent. Soot that is acidic is important to look out for as well. The acid in the soot will cause discoloration to occur more quickly. Therefore, in response to a fire, it’s critical that you contact the professionals as soon as possible so they can begin working on it right away to prevent the damage from becoming worse.

Lingering Smoke Smell

The smoke smell that remains after a fire is just terrible. It’s that the last thing that anyone ever wants to have to smell. Fortunately, there are restoration companies, like Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. that have trained technicians who have the equipment necessary to get the smoke smell removed from your home. Not only does this just remove the unpleasant smell, but it will make your home safe to be in again by preventing you from inhaling the smoke and soot.

It’s important to remember that once the fire has been put out that there is still plenty of work to do. The smoke and soot that lingers can have many hazardous results for your health and for the shape of your home.