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What to Do if You Have Commercial Water Damage

Commercial buildings can be more likely to sustain large-scale water damage, and if you own a commercial property, knowing what to do in a water damage emergency situation can reduce your total losses, get you back to work sooner, and save you a lot of headaches along the way.

Because commercial properties are usually unoccupied overnight, on weekends and on holidays, it is possible for significant damage to occur. Other times, areas of your property that are not visited frequently can also sustain water damage over time, and before long a small problem becomes a much, much bigger problem.

Prevent Water Damage at Commercial Properties

If you want to prevent water damage to your commercial property, diligence is key. Proper maintenance of the roof, plumbing, gutters, and appliances or equipment can ward off major problems. Even small leaks can lead to major water damage over time, and will contribute to mold growth.

Set aside some time on a regular basis to inspect areas at-risk for water damage to ensure you have no leaks and no evidence of previous water damage. Check the roof at least a few times a year to keep it free of debris, and to ensure the water is draining properly after rain or snowfall.

Steps for Property Owners with Water Damage

When your business is affected by water damage, fast action is crucial. You have a lot to lose—documents, inventory, computers, equipment, and revenue when your business is closed. And while you can do everything possible to prevent water damage, sometimes disasters happen.

For large areas of water damage, we recommend hiring a professional water damage restoration company to clean up and restore your property. The sooner flood cleanup can begin, the lesser your losses, and the sooner you can return to work. This also allows you to focus on other areas knowing that the flood cleanup is taken care of.

It’s a good idea to have a backup plan for emergencies, so that in the event of water damage and you are unavailable, someone else has the authorization to contact your insurer and to hire a restoration company to begin the cleanup. It’s best if you first identify a shortlist of restoration providers in your community. You can ask other business owners for referrals, or if you’ve had a positive experience with a company in the past, they should top your list.

Legitimate restoration companies will respond 24/7 to an emergency and will provide an estimate before beginning cleanup. Industry affiliations and certifications are also important things to consider.

Emergency Water Damage Services

At Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc., we want to help you get back in business as quickly as possible, while providing quality cleanup and restoration of your commercial property. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, experience, and training. Contact us today.