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Common Areas for Bathroom Water Damage

With 75% of residential water consumption occurring in the bathroom, it’s no wonder that it’s a hotspot for water damage. There are many reasons for water damage in the bathroom: you may live in an area with high humidity, have children that like to splash in the bathtub, or simply forgot to caulk your bathtub last year. Since every homeowner in Port Jervis has a risk of sustaining water damage in the bathroom, take a look at these preventative tips to assure your washroom stays clean and dry:

Shower and Tubs

Sinks and Cabinets


Basic Plumbing

Water can cause extensive damage in bathrooms if left unchecked. Be proactive about preventing damage. Simple maintenance and a watchful eye can detect a large percentage of water damage. If you have any questions or concerns about your property and water damage, give Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. in Port Jervis a call!