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Cost to Install a Sump Pump

The average cost to install a sump pump depends on a few factors, including the brand and type of unit you choose. Also, different brands provide different levels of warranty and maintenance support. Depending on your needs, the average cost to install a sump pump can range anywhere from $130 to over $700.

Costs may differ significantly based on the type of flooring and the distance between the pump and the house foundation. The installation of a sump pump in a basement with a dirt floor is easier than installing one in a concrete floor, so the costs will be higher. You can also expect to pay an additional $250 to $2,000 to bury the discharge pipe. A sump pump needs to be installed underground, which can be difficult for some homeowners. Generally, this involves drilling a hole through the basement foundation. If the basement floor is concrete, however, this can reduce the overall cost. Otherwise, a contractor will need to dig a hole through the cement slab to install a sump pump. The average cost to install a sump pump varies depending on the type and size of the pump you choose. There are battery-powered and water-powered models available. Battery-powered systems are more affordable and are available for most homes.