House fires are one of the most debilitating things that can happen to property owners. Houses give us our sense of permanence and security, and when they are greatly damaged it is easy to lose that feeling. At Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc., we specialize in fire damage repair in Newburgh to help you get back to your life after the traumatic event.

House fires are distressing, and repairs can be stressful. Being prepared for a fire is the best way to decrease worry. A preparedness plan will help ensure your family’s quick response, and having a plan for who to contact to repair your home after the fire will greatly reduce the stresses of repair. Here are some tips on how to lessen problems before and after calamity strikes.

Fire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

Step One: Prevention is the first defense; practice and teach fire safety at home. Knowing what is dangerous is important. Often what we don’t know can hurt us. Teach all family members what is flammable and where these things need to be stored and handled.

Step Two: Have an escape route planned from each bedroom and area of your home. Just like those old schooldays, practice fire drills regularly and keep them up to date so everything runs smoothly if the need to evacuate arrives. Fire drills do have merit. Practice different ways of getting to safety and how to collect important items, if possible. An important part of an escape route is having a meeting place so everyone is accounted for.

Step Three: Have at least two fire extinguishers in your home and teach older family members how to use them. Also be aware of how different fires start so you can know how to extinguish them while they are still small and controllable.

Step Four: Change batteries in smoke alarms twice a year at daylight savings time. This simple task plays a large part in your safety. When it comes to alarms it is better to be safe than sorry. Take care of them.

Unfortunately, all the prevention in the world cannot stop fires from occurring, however, preparedness is key for making sure an accident does not become a tragedy. We hope that you will never require our fire damage restoration services, but life is very unpredictable so prepare and secure your family, and we will take care of your house.

Fire Damage Repairs in Newburgh

If you have already experienced fire damage, we are here to ensure quality fire damage repair for your home in Newburgh. Our team of qualified technicians will repair the fire damage and also the possible water damage from firefighting efforts.

Please keep these fire prevention tips in mind and let Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. be the first people you call if the unfortunate ever happens to you and you are in need of emergency fire damage repair services.