As snow continues to fall and winter temperatures fluctuate below freezing, it’s possible for your pipes to freeze. Not only do freezing pipes cause a great inconvenience, but can cause major property damage leaving you with extensive repairs.

What Causes Freezing Pipes

Exterior freezing temperatures cause the water to freeze and expand, creating a blockage. This blockage will cause an increase in pressure and strain your plumbing system. If the pressure gets too great it can cause the pipe to burst.

Hudson Valley isn’t a stranger to freezing temperatures. With that said, some pipes may be more susceptible to freezing than others. Pipes located along the exterior walls of your property may not have the adequate amount of insulation in protecting them from the exterior freezing temperatures.  Pipes located in the attic or basement may not be as warm as other areas of the house which can cause a greater tendency to freeze. Lack of use can cause freezing pipes. Leaving for an extended period of time and/or lowing your interior temperature while you’re away, can cause remaining water in your piping system to freeze when exterior temperatures drop below freezing.

Signs of Frozen Pipes

One of the first signs for the potential of frozen pipes is when exterior temperatures drop below freezing. You can take precautions like adding insulation to prevent vulnerable pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can show an accumulation of frost on the exterior of the pipe, this warning sign can indicate the pipe is frozen before you even turn on the faucet. You may see frost on exposed pipes, like those found under the sink. Furthermore, if you turn on the faucet and there is a lack of running water, this can indicate that the pipe may be frozen.

Taking Steps at Home

If you’re leaving for the winter season or for a period of time, it’s important to take the necessary steps to turn off your water and blow out the water system to remove remaining water in the line. Once you are aware of the presence of a frozen pipe, you need to take immediate action to thaw and prevent the pipe from bursting. Depending on the location of the blockage and your plumbing knowledge or expertise, you may try to take the necessary precautions and actions to thaw the pipe yourself. First turn off the water. You can apply a heat pad, towels soaked in warm water or use a space heater to heat the area. It’s important to apply regular heat to the area, to allow the blockage to move and relieve the water pressure. Opening the faucet line can help relieve the pressure buildup once the blockage is removed.

 When to Call a Professional

If the blockage of the pipe is unknown or you’re unaware of the issue, it may be in your best interest to contact the professionals from Hudson Valley Contracting & DKI. Our certified technicians will be able to locate the ice blockage and take the necessary steps to minimize the chance of a pipe burst or clean up and repair any damage caused by a ruptured pipe. We offer 24/7 emergency services, call today if you notice a decrease in water pressure or suspect you may have a frozen pipe. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and will work to offer the best solution to your problem.

House fires are one of the most debilitating things that can happen to property owners. Houses give us our sense of permanence and security, and when they are greatly damaged it is easy to lose that feeling. At Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc., we specialize in fire damage repair in Newburgh to help you get back to your life after the traumatic event.

House fires are distressing, and repairs can be stressful. Being prepared for a fire is the best way to decrease worry. A preparedness plan will help ensure your family’s quick response, and having a plan for who to contact to repair your home after the fire will greatly reduce the stresses of repair. Here are some tips on how to lessen problems before and after calamity strikes.

Fire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

Step One: Prevention is the first defense; practice and teach fire safety at home. Knowing what is dangerous is important. Often what we don’t know can hurt us. Teach all family members what is flammable and where these things need to be stored and handled.

Step Two: Have an escape route planned from each bedroom and area of your home. Just like those old schooldays, practice fire drills regularly and keep them up to date so everything runs smoothly if the need to evacuate arrives. Fire drills do have merit. Practice different ways of getting to safety and how to collect important items, if possible. An important part of an escape route is having a meeting place so everyone is accounted for.

Step Three: Have at least two fire extinguishers in your home and teach older family members how to use them. Also be aware of how different fires start so you can know how to extinguish them while they are still small and controllable.

Step Four: Change batteries in smoke alarms twice a year at daylight savings time. This simple task plays a large part in your safety. When it comes to alarms it is better to be safe than sorry. Take care of them.

Unfortunately, all the prevention in the world cannot stop fires from occurring, however, preparedness is key for making sure an accident does not become a tragedy. We hope that you will never require our fire damage restoration services, but life is very unpredictable so prepare and secure your family, and we will take care of your house.

Fire Damage Repairs in Newburgh

If you have already experienced fire damage, we are here to ensure quality fire damage repair for your home in Newburgh. Our team of qualified technicians will repair the fire damage and also the possible water damage from firefighting efforts.

Please keep these fire prevention tips in mind and let Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. be the first people you call if the unfortunate ever happens to you and you are in need of emergency fire damage repair services.

One of the most devastating disasters that can happen to your property is fire damage. When victims are faced with arrangements for temporary housing, insurance matters and possible health concerns, homeowners sometimes fail to make salvage efforts the top priority. Unfortunately, this is often very costly. Time is always of the essence.

Contacting a fire damage repair company immediately will allow them to clean fire and smoke damage before it becomes a major problem. Professionals have the expertise to identify what can and cannot be salvaged. They will remove built-up smoke residue coating surfaces and also locate the source of odor, treating it with specialized detergents formulated to neutralize this kind of odor.

Emergency Fire Damage Repair

Due to unique behavior of smoke, fire damage repair may not be simple. It is important to have an experienced fire restoration companylike Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. on your side. A quick response will help save your belongings, reduce smoke and soot health hazards, and keep the cost of restoration to a minimum.

Fire and smoke problems do not stop with char damage, making quick action very important. Smoke and soot can spread into other rooms affecting paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, personal belongings and clothing. It can also penetrate within cavities of the structure, causing hidden damage and odor. Smoke can even travel from floor to floor by flowing around plumbing systems via holes around your pipes.

The sooner all of this is addressed, the more likely it will be to salvage your belongings and your home. The acidity in smoke and soot causes more destruction over time. If left for more than a week or two, the cost of restoration will begin to skyrocket.

Steps You Can Take

When you’ve been the victim of a house fire, in addition to calling a professional immediately, you’ll also want to do the following:

  • Ventilate the house as quickly as possible to mitigate smoke damage.
  • Turn off HVAC systems and replace HVAC filters.
  • Clean all household items and throw away all food not sealed in airtight containers.
  • Vacuum soot and ash with a shop vacuum.
  • Call your insurance company.
  • Arrange for a place for you and your loved ones to stay while restoration takes place.

 Fire Damage Repair

Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. provides fire damage repair and restoration. Our team of professional fire damage repair specialists are ready to respond at a moments notice to your fire damage emergency. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to properly clean and repair your property after fire damage occurs. Call us today.