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6 Ways to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

Getting Your Home Winter-Ready Parts of the Midwest have already seen snowflakes flying this fall, and as we all know  – Hudson Valley won’t be far behind! Before it gets too frigid and snowy, there are some things you can do to make sure your home is ready to withstand another winter and another potential […]

4 Fire Damage Myths Debunked

Fire Damage Myths and the Truth Behind Them Fire can cause catastrophic amounts of damage to your home or business, you may even call it the ultimate annihilator. Fire consumes almost everything in its path and what it doesn’t consume it damages. The path left behind fire usually consists of the charred, sooty, and oily […]

Most Common Causes of Smoke and Fire Damage around the Holidays

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Common Causes of Smoke & Fire Damage Around the Holidays Every family wishes for a holiday season that is merry and bright but … not too bright, right? As the cold weather settles in and snow starts to fly in Monroe, the number of house fires increases because people are simply spending more time indoors, […]

6 Steps to Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

Steps to Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration If you’ve had a fire in your home, first let us tell you we’re sorry you’re going through that! Any fire, no matter the size, is traumatizing for those involved. Having an experienced restoration team on your side will help get you back on your feet sooner than […]