Getting Your Home Winter-Ready

Parts of the Midwest have already seen snowflakes flying this fall, and as we all know  – Hudson Valley won’t be far behind! Before it gets too frigid and snowy, there are some things you can do to make sure your home is ready to withstand another winter and another potential water damage emergency. The professionals at Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. would like you to take some precautions and make sure you don’t have to experience a disaster this year.

  • Clean your gutters

When was the last time you took a good look at your gutters? It’s important that gutters are free and clear of debris year-round, including going into winter so ice and snow have a place in which to melt and drain away from your home. Overflowing gutters put unnecessary strain on your roof, which would eventually collapse under the weight. So many basement floods are the result of clogged gutters – we’ve seen it happen more times than we care to admit! As you’re cleaning your gutters, it’s a good idea to make sure water is being sent away from your home all around.

  • Seal up cracks

This includes cracks in the foundation of your home, or in walkways, steps, or other stonework. This will help ensure water and cold air stay outside your home, and where walkways are concerned – gives you a nice, smooth surface for shoveling. Cracks can cause water to leak into your home and the water can damage the structure of your home. Protect your walls, ceilings, and floors so that water does not destroy them.

  • Look for energy efficiency problems

Have you ever walked past a window or door in your home and felt a draft? It’s a good idea to think about making some energy efficiency improvements if that’s happened to you. This could mean caulking around doors and windows and adding weather stripping, adding extra insulation in the attic, and repairing cracked or broken windows. Often, local energy companies offer free energy efficiency audits of customers’ homes to show you where improvements could be made in your home to improve energy efficiency and in turn, reduce your energy bills.

  • Get your furnace checked

No one wants their furnace going out at 1 a.m. in the middle of January. So, it’s a good idea to spend a little bit of money now to have your furnace or boiler inspected to make sure everything is running as it should, and you are getting maximum efficiency from your system.

  • Get your fireplace ready

If you’re one of those homeowners who can’t get enough of a real wood-burning fireplace, make sure it’s ready to go for the winter months! If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned out in some time, you should consider having a chimney sweep come and do the job for you. Even if everything looks fine to the naked eye, there could be creosote buildup on the inside of the chimney, or even internal water damage, where some bricks need to be tuck-pointed.

Oh …. And while you’re having the fireplace readied for some cozy winter nights, don’t forget to stock up on nice, dry firewood.

  • Evaluate needs

Are you ready in case there’s another massive snow or ice storm this winter? Usually, we have enough warning to stock up, but it’s still a good idea to have an emergency kit with water, non-perishable food items, flashlights, etc. on hand just in case. If you’ve been without power for long periods of time in previous winters, you could also consider purchasing a generator. Also, have contact information ready to contact a professional service just in case you do experience water damage or a fire disaster.

If you are in Hudson Valley, keep in mind that if you happen to experience a water damage emergency and need professional services to help restore your property, contact the certified & insured professionals at Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc..

Goshen Content Cleaning Services

When your home suffers from a fire or water damage disaster it can be very frightening.  There are so many tasks that need to be completed and it can get overwhelming when you try to tackle them on your own. Your building structure may not be suitable for living after the disaster until your property has been repaired and restored back to its pre-damaged condition. Once you figure out what needs to be done to repair your properties structure what do you do about all your belongings or all the items in your home? With all the damage they sustained they should be thrown out right? No, there is still hope for your belongings. You need to contact a professional who offers content cleaning.

Content cleaning is the process of taking the contents from a building that has been damaged by a disaster of some sort and need to be professionally restored. Items that have sentimental value, or high-value items or even a family heirloom, they all can potentially be cleaned, sanitized and restored. There are professionals who specialize in restoring content. If you have items covered in soot or really dirty items, content cleaning helps get these items back to the pre-loss condition. Another plus is that with content cleaning you can potentially eliminate the risk of cross contaminating items and contaminating the items again. You can breathe a little easier knowing that there is a good chance that your belongings will be restored, especially after you have been shaken by a disaster.

Depending on what content cleaning company you put your trust in there will be certain steps involved in the content cleaning process. Some of these steps may include:

  • Deodorizing – removing that nasty smell.
  • Sanitizing –removing any bacteria and chemicals.
  • Fabric cleaning
  • Removal of soot
  • Drying.

The content cleaning specialist you hire might offer you a variety of cleaning methods. Some of these methods include:

Upholstery cleaning which will remove the dirt from your sofa, chairs, and other stuffed or cushioned items. This method will thoroughly clean and sanitize your upholstery.

Ozone cleaning which is the use of the ozone to get rid of smoke and other foul smelling odors from materials. This process kills the allergens and other particles that are harmful and air bound.

Ultrasonic cleaning which is a quick, precise and powerful method that uses sound waves in the removal of soot and soil from many different types of materials. For example figurines, car parts, dishes, and wine glasses with a great deal of char on them, knickknacks, jewelry, guns, shower doors, rugs, fire-damaged furniture and much more.

It is recommended by Hudson Valley Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. that you immediately contact a content cleaning professional. The longer you wait to have your contents cleaned the higher the chance of those belongings becoming unsalvageable. The Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. experts understand that your belongings are important to you and will always treat them with the utmost respect.