Knowing How Is Half The Battle

Knowledge is power. When a disaster happens, it’s easy to feel beat down and overwhelmed. But, this can be avoided. By understanding what steps to take in the event of a fire disaster, you can step in and get the repair process started so that your life can get back to normal. If there is a lot of damage, do not despair! There are certified professionals who can help take the burden off your shoulders so that you can worry about your daily life.

Any fire is going to bring damage. Even just smoke damage can take a toll on a home. However, major fires typically come with water damage that needs to be resolved in the process. Luckily, there are major steps and processes to can get the damage cleaned up and resolved quickly and efficiently. Knowing what these steps are gives you a head-start. Let’s look at those steps now.

Step 1. Fire Damage Evaluation

How bad is the damage? Is there just smoke damage? Smoke damage and a little fire damage? A lot of fire damage and tons of water damage from putting out the flames? A professional fire restoration company like Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. knows exactly what needs to be looked at and assessed to determine the degree of the damage. The extent of house fires will always vary from fire to fire so it’s pertinent to have your home evaluated by an experienced and skillful professional. Sometimes, the extent of the damage is so severe that a third party may need to be called in to make sure your home gets back to livable and comfortable standards. If this is the case, you can guarantee that a professional fire restoration service will know the best third parties in the Goshen area.

Step 2 – Isolation

Any areas that can be hazardous need to be completely isolated after a fire. Isolating burned and water damaged areas will protect individuals from danger, but will also prevent the damaged areas from getting worse. Fire repair specialists will make sure that all areas deemed unsafe are blocked off and sealed for your protection.

Step 3 – Cleanup and Water Extraction

Nothing in a damaged home can be repaired until all water has been removed. The areas that need to be cleaned need to be dry before work can begin. This is an important process and must be started immediately to save the home from long-term damage. Stagnant water can take a damaged area from bad to worse in as little as 24 hours. Long-term structure damage can start to occur as well as mold growth. Both can be costly and devastating to the future of your home if not remedied immediately.

Step 4 – Elimination of Smoke and Soot

Smoke residue is probably one of the furthest damaging elements from your mind in the event of a fire. Though fire and water can produce a significant amount of damage to a home, smoke and soot can cause just as big of a problem. Soot is generally caked on to walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, and other items after the event of a fire. Professionals have tools that can help eliminate and clean soot off your home or business, and off any salvageable items. They will also be able to eradicate the long lingering scent of smoke odor.

Step 5 – Sanitization

Cleaning up a damaged property does not only involve water extraction and soot cleanup. The sanitization process is an extremely important step that will most definitely not be missed by a fire damage repair specialist. If you can move back into the home or business that was damaged, rest assured that it was sanitized and made safe to occupy before you set foot inside. Any items that were saved from the fire will also be cleaned and properly sanitized for future use.

Your safety is the primary concern of the professionals that take on the task of repairing your home or business. Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. wants you to understand how important the knowledge of how to remedy a fire damage situation can help ease your mind in the unfortunate event of a home or business fire. Take the proper steps. Contact a specialist and make sure you are on the right track in getting your home and life back to normal.