Carpet is a significant investment, so ensuring it lasts as long as possible is a worthwhile endeavor. If you want your carpet to have a lengthy life, cleaning and caring for it is essential. Here are five simple steps from Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. you can take to keep your carpet looking pristine throughout its lifetime.

Use Mats or Carpet Covers. Your facility probably sees a lot of foot traffic and unfortunately, heavy foot traffic can wear down the carpet in your office faster than the carpet in your home. Any dirt that you or your customers bring in can sink into the carpet and grind down the fibers, giving the carpet a more worn-out and less vibrant look. Furthermore, shoes don’t just bring in dirt; they also track in bacteria and toxins. Using mats and carpet covers in entry ways and hallways can go a long way in protecting the carpets.

Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming is a simple but important step if you want to keep your office clean. That’s because carpet serves as a trap for whatever is circulating in the air – it may contain contaminates such as dirt, dust mites, pollen grains, dead skin cells, and pet hair. In order to minimize the amount of these contaminants and the damage they may do to the carpet, vacuum light-traffic areas once a week and medium-traffic areas at least twice a week. Vacuum high-traffic areas and areas pets use daily.

Be cautious with cheap carpet cleaners. While saving money is a good goal, sometimes short-term saving techniques can cause you to spend more money in the future. If you decide to go the DIY route and rent a cleaning machine, keep in mind that it won’t remove as much gunk as professional cleaners. It can also leave your carpets wet for a longer time period, which increases the chance that mold will begin to grow in your carpet. Make the investment to thoroughly clean and dry your carpets now and you won’t have to replace them as quickly.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned. Although your vacuum can remove some of the dirt and contaminants in your carpet, it can’t get everything. Dirt, pollens, and other things you don’t want in your office will stubbornly take root in your carpet. Moreover, sometimes no amount of blotting will you remove those persistent stains. To keep your carpets (and your office) much cleaner and tidier, you will need professional help. Contact Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. and get an estimate on commercial carpet cleaning services. Our technicians