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A Tale of Swift Restoration at Dave's Super Duper Supermarket

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Introduction: In the aftermath of a fire on November 26, 2023, that disrupted operations at Dave’s Super Duper Super Market in Honesdale, PA, the response from Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. (ADRI) not only surpassed expectations but became an inspiring story of efficiency and community support. This case study delves into the exceptional cleanup efforts, collaborative strategies with supermarket employees, and the profound impact on the community, all while saving the insurance company thousands of dollars.

Efficient Cleanup Defies Predictions: Initially predicted to take 4-6 weeks by the health inspector, the cleanup process became a showcase of ADRI’s capabilities. Completing the restoration in less than two weeks not only exceeded expectations but also resulted in substantial cost savings for the insurance company. This highlighted the team’s efficiency and adept handling of large-scale challenges.

Comprehensive Approach: Instead of hiring outsiders, ADRI chose to utilize the supermarket employees for additional needed hands. The ADRI team focused on the structural cleanup, handling tasks such as the use of shellac-based paint and air duct cleaning. Meanwhile, supermarket employees played a pivotal role in scanning every item on all shelves for disposal. 

Coordinated Effort: The collaborative effort between the ADRI employees, many from faraway offices, and the supermarket employees created a harmonious atmosphere. Supermarket employees were equipped with appropriate cleaning products and guidance. Their institutional knowledge of the store contributed significantly to its prompt reopening. As the ADRI team inspected the aisles, store employees expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude with fist pumps.

Challenges of Synthetic Fires: The fire, originating from the HVAC attic over the deli, left soot throughout the entire structure. Synthetic fires, known for creating intricate webs of black in corners of rooms, posed a unique challenge. Ceiling tiles had to be pulled out, and each light fixture and camera required thorough cleaning. Despite the complexity, the ADRI team navigated these challenges with precision.

Dedication Ensures Success: Working 12-14 hours per day and staying overnight in hotels, the ADRI team’s commitment went above and beyond. In the eleventh hour, it was discovered that offices upstairs were also impacted by the fire. Exhibiting adaptability and expertise in addressing this unexpected challenge, their diligence ultimately resulted in a successful health inspection.

Preparation and Collaboration: A consultation with the health inspector enabled the ADRI team to be well-prepared for the official inspection. This strategic approach ensured a seamless process, and the store reopened on the promised date, December 8, 2023 — less than two weeks after the fire. ADRI’s proactive measures and collaboration with all stakeholders, including the health inspector and insurance adjuster, garnered praise, and satisfaction from everyone involved.

Community Unity and Employee Support: The entire community, intimately familiar with the supermarket owners, rallied together to support the recovery efforts. The ADRI team, recognizing the importance of Dave’s Super Duper in the community, played a crucial role in maintaining employment for supermarket employees before Christmas. Their decision to pay the supermarket employees during the closure showcased a commitment to both the employees and the community.

Conclusion: In the face of adversity, the collaboration between Dave’s Super Duper, its dedicated employees, and the ADRI team not only restored a supermarket but also revitalized a community. The efficient cleanup, employee involvement, and comprehensive restoration efforts demonstrated ADRI’s commitment to excellence. This case study stands as a testament to the resilience of a small town and the impactful role a disaster recovery company can play in rebuilding lives and businesses.

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