Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc.

Rescuing Memories: Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc.’s Efforts in Restoring Flooded Veteran Homes and Preserving Priceless Military Memorabilia

Photo Courtesy of United States Military Academy


Torrential thunderstorms barreled into the Highland Falls area on July 9, 2023, unexpectedly dropping ten inches of rain and creating a flash flood that overwhelmed roads, bridges, and infrastructure. The deluge pummeled the United States Military Academy at West Point causing widespread decimation. Following the catastrophic flood, the Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. (ADRI) team was called in to tackle a unique and heart-wrenching challenge. The affected area included 80 homes of military veterans, which were filled with priceless military memorabilia. ADRI was tasked with not only cleaning up the flood-ravaged homes but also salvaging the invaluable military artifacts and memorabilia, which held immense sentimental value to the veterans and their families. 


Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. is a reputable disaster recovery company with a history of responding to various natural disasters. Their expertise in handling flood, fire, and storm damage had earned them the trust of the local community. However, the flood that struck West Point was of historic proportions and unlike anything they had encountered before. 

The affected veterans had accumulated an extensive collection of memorabilia over the years. The flooding had not only damaged their homes but had put at risk items ranging from medals, uniforms, photographs, and even pieces of history from World War II.

The Challenge: 

The flood had left the homes in shambles, with their belongings toppled and literally underwater. A layer of mud containing sewage covered waterlogged floors and walls. Rescuing these homes and their precious contents would be no ordinary task. The disaster recover team faced several challenges: 

Preserving Memorabilia: ADRI had to prioritize the preservation of the veterans’ military memorabilia, some of which were irreplaceable artifacts with historical significance. 

Sensitive Approach: Dealing with the emotional toll on the veterans and their families was crucial. The team needed to ensure that every step of the restoration process was handled with the utmost care and respect. 

Complex Cleanup: The homes required extensive cleanup, structural repairs, and mold remediation due to prolonged exposure to water, which posed health risks. 

Communication Hurdles: Phone service in the area was down for two days, which created a critical communication challenge. To compensate, ADRI had to rent walkie-talkies to ensure smooth coordination. 

Security Vetting: The ADRI team had to undergo rigorous security vetting due to the unique circumstances of working on a military campus. This was essential to ensure national security and the safety of everyone involved. 

The Approach:

ADRI assembled a dedicated team to tackle the unique challenges posed by the flooded veteran homes. All was done with adherence to the “West Point Way,” a code of ethics and discipline known for its rigorous standards. Their approach included: 

  1. Meticulous Documentation: The team documented the condition of each home and its contents, cataloging every military item with photographs and descriptions. 
  2. Artifact Recovery Plan: A specialized plan was developed for the recovery and restoration of military memorabilia. This involved carefully cleaning, drying, and restoring items with attention to historical preservation standards.
  3. Structural Restoration: Concurrently, the team began the cleanup and structural restoration of the homes. This included repairing and replacing water-damaged floors, walls, and infrastructure.

The Outcome: 

Over several weeks, the dedicated team from ADRI worked tirelessly around the clock to restore the flooded homes and preserve the priceless military memorabilia. The veterans, who initially feared they may lose their cherished mementos forever, were overcome with gratitude and relief. 


Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc.’s remarkable efforts to clean up the flooded homes of veterans and salvage their valuable military memorabilia stands as an inspiring example of dedication, compassion, and expertise int he face of adversity. This case study showcases the extraordinary lengths a disaster recovery company can go not only to restore physical structures but also to preserve the cherished memories and histories of those they serve. In the end, ADRI not only salvaged homes, but also preserved the precious memories of those who had sacrificed so much for their country.