Backup Sump Pumps

A battery-operated backup sump pump is a great way to prevent flooding in your basement. These pumps have multiple fail-safes, including the ability to be monitored remotely. They can also be reprogrammed to shut down automatically if the primary pump is unable to function. And, as an added benefit, these systems don’t require a maintenance fee.

When considering a battery backup sump pump, it is important to think about the size of the water that will be entering the basket. The amount of water that will need to be pumped will determine how often the backup pump runs. For example, one manufacturer’s system uses a 40-amp/hour battery that can last for up to 53 hours. This isn’t enough to power your backup pump through a lengthy power outage, so it’s best to consider a system that can run up to 2,300 GPH for at least twelve hours. A battery backup sump pump can be especially useful when the primary sump pump fails. Many times, the primary sump pump can’t keep up with the volume of water that can build up around a home. Moreover, there are many reasons why the primary sump pump may stop working. For instance, a storm can result in a high water level in the area, which leaves a home vulnerable to floods. Fortunately, battery backup sump pumps are relatively easy to maintain. The batteries must be checked frequently to ensure that the battery is full, and the terminals must be properly sealed to prevent leaks or electrocution. Additionally, it’s important to choose the right battery capacity for your home.

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