House fires are one of the most debilitating things that can happen to property owners. Houses give us our sense of permanence and security, and when they are greatly damaged it is easy to lose that feeling. At Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc., we specialize in fire damage repair in Newburgh to help you get back to your life after the traumatic event.

House fires are distressing, and repairs can be stressful. Being prepared for a fire is the best way to decrease worry. A preparedness plan will help ensure your family’s quick response, and having a plan for who to contact to repair your home after the fire will greatly reduce the stresses of repair. Here are some tips on how to lessen problems before and after calamity strikes.

Fire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

Step One: Prevention is the first defense; practice and teach fire safety at home. Knowing what is dangerous is important. Often what we don’t know can hurt us. Teach all family members what is flammable and where these things need to be stored and handled.

Step Two: Have an escape route planned from each bedroom and area of your home. Just like those old schooldays, practice fire drills regularly and keep them up to date so everything runs smoothly if the need to evacuate arrives. Fire drills do have merit. Practice different ways of getting to safety and how to collect important items, if possible. An important part of an escape route is having a meeting place so everyone is accounted for.

Step Three: Have at least two fire extinguishers in your home and teach older family members how to use them. Also be aware of how different fires start so you can know how to extinguish them while they are still small and controllable.

Step Four: Change batteries in smoke alarms twice a year at daylight savings time. This simple task plays a large part in your safety. When it comes to alarms it is better to be safe than sorry. Take care of them.

Unfortunately, all the prevention in the world cannot stop fires from occurring, however, preparedness is key for making sure an accident does not become a tragedy. We hope that you will never require our fire damage restoration services, but life is very unpredictable so prepare and secure your family, and we will take care of your house.

Fire Damage Repairs in Newburgh

If you have already experienced fire damage, we are here to ensure quality fire damage repair for your home in Newburgh. Our team of qualified technicians will repair the fire damage and also the possible water damage from firefighting efforts.

Please keep these fire prevention tips in mind and let Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. be the first people you call if the unfortunate ever happens to you and you are in need of emergency fire damage repair services.

After the fire is out and the smoke has cleared, it is time for repairs and restoration to begin. Fires vary greatly in the extent of damage they leave behind – large fires may have severely damaged the structure, coated the walls and ceilings in heavy smoke damage, and resulted in water damage from firefighting efforts. Smaller fires, while often less destructive, still leave behind fire damage and smoke damage that need to be addressed.

The actions you take after your property has been damaged by a fire can have a major impact on the outcome of your fire damage repair. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your safety after a fire, and to reduce your total losses after such a disaster.

Practice Safety First

After a fire, we always want to get inside our home to see what items can be recovered, and this is an extremely emotional time for anyone who has suffered a fire. There are several hazards that can be present after a fire including dangerous gasses, vapors and chemical hazards, and you should only enter the home after a fire official has given permission. Always obey local orders, as these are meant to protect you.

Call a Fire Repair Company

When your home is damaged by a fire, don’t delay in calling a fire damage repair company to evaluate the damage and to provide an estimate for restoration. Fire damage repair companies should be available to respond to any emergency, 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Even if the damage from the fire itself is minimal, there is likely smoke damage throughout the home requiring attention.

Inventory and Document Everything

As fire cleanup begins and destroyed items are removed and disposed of, remember to keep an inventory of those items and document the damage with photographs so the information can be submitted to your insurance company. Do your best to stay organized and to keep a level head, as this will ensure the process goes smoothly. Work with the fire damage repair company to identify things that can and cannot be restored following a fire.

Fire Damage Repair

Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. provides emergency fire damage repair services. Our team is available to respond anytime to your fire emergency, and we will work with you and your insurance company to restore your property to it’s pre-loss condition. If you have experienced a fire, contact us today for an estimate.


Fire damage repair is an extensive and complex process that can involve several variables including emergency boardup, water damage, smoke damage, and even mold damage. There are a lot of things to consider after a fire, and how quickly you respond can directly affect your total loss.

When the fire department responds to your home or business to fight a fire, their goal is to quickly and safely extinguish the flames. It is not unusual for the fire department to break windows or to vent the roof, leaving your home or business exposed to the elements and vulnerable to theft or looting. You’ll also have water damage from fire fighting efforts.

Fire damage repair encompasses all that needs to be addressed after a fire. A fire restoration company can provide emergency board up and roof tarping to secure your home and will get to work evaluating the damage and developing a restoration plan for your property.

Fire Damage Repair

Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. provides emergency fire damage repair. Our fire restoration team will respond 24 hours a day, whenever you need us. Working with a fire damage repair specialist ensures that all the complexities of fire damage are not overlooked and that cleanup and restoration is strategically planned to minimize your losses.

Attempting fire damage repair yourself can be overwhelming, and sometimes it can do more harm than good. A fire restoration specialist has specific training and equipment for dealing with fire damage and smoke damage, and how to clean and restore items that have been damaged after a fire. They will provide an estimate and will work with your insurance company on the loss.

Always Practice Safety First

After a fire, there are many potential hazards that you may not be aware of. Fires can damage the structural integrity of your building, and can also damage utility lines connected to your home. Always make sure it is safe to enter to your home or business, and proceed with caution.

The fire department will generally give you clearance to enter your home after it is safe to do so. Do not turn your utilities back on until your utility lines are inspected and determined safe for use.

Orange County, NY Fire Damage Repair Professionals

Working with a fire damage repair company after a fire will ensure that restoration is done correctly and efficiently so your property is restored to pre-loss condition and you can return to normal as soon as possible.

At Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc., we provide emergency fire damage repair services. We are available anytime, day or night, to respond to your fire damage emergency.