Is Noah’s Park Retreat a Good Place to Take the Family?

Is Noah’s Park Retreat a good place to take the family? Is it a legitimate sanctuary or is it just another entertainment facility? This article will answer both of these questions. This not-for-profit wildlife sanctuary is a kid-friendly, educational destination that has been cited by the USDA with 18 violations since 2015. Read on to find out more.

Noah’s Park Retreat is a not-for-profit sanctuary

You may be astonished to learn that you can make an impact on the world’s wildlife just by staying at Noah’s Park Retreat. This seven-acre sanctuary is home to a variety of animals, including farm animals and exotic ones. You can visit the sanctuary, learn about their origins, or take part in a variety of activities, including holding the animals. You can also reserve a personal tour, which is conducted by appointment only.

While many animal sanctuaries focus on rescuing injured and abandoned animals, Noah’s Park Retreat is an excellent option for the whole family. The eight-mile-long nature trail offers plenty of opportunities for a family outing. The retreat also offers community garden plots and nature camps. On weekends, the open barn welcomes visitors. On selected weekends, the sanctuary hosts butterfly festivals and family hikes.

It is an educational center

Located in Goshen, Indiana, Noah’s Park Animal Retreat is searching for a missing kangaroo. The kangaroo was last seen near Gate School House Road. The animal, which likes bananas and sweet potatoes, may have escaped. Anyone with information about the kangaroo’s whereabouts should contact the park immediately. Noah’s Park Animal Retreat has two movie theaters for visitors. One features Noah in the time of Noah and the other shows take place in the present day. Both movies feature professional actors and a female reporter who has undergone conversion experience.

The center is set on seven acres of wilderness. It’s laid out like an oasis, with grassy knolls and shaded benches. Visitors can take a guided tour of the park and interact with the animal ambassadors on site. There are even feeding opportunities available. The center is an excellent place for kids to learn about different types of wildlife and the care and maintenance of these creatures. The park also hosts educational workshops and provides one-on-one interactions with exotic animals. This is worth checking out!

It is an entertainment venue

The Noah’s Park Retreat is an educational and entertainment venue located on seven acres of tranquil land in Goshen, NY. The retreat features a variety of gardens, pastures, and paths that lead you to various animals. Visitors learn more about the animals that call this sanctuary home. Many of the park’s resident animals are small and rare, including the Wallaby, Greater Bush Baby, Marmoset Monkey, Fennec Fox, and Emu.

The Noah’s Ark Interactive Theme Park features 67 life-size animal sculptures. This theme park also includes an Ark Expo, which teaches children about the problems faced by animals in the tropics. In addition to the Ark, Noah’s Park Retreat also has a Natural Garden, Solar Tower Camp, and Noah’s Adventure Land. The theme park is open year-round, making it an excellent choice for families and children of all ages.

It has been cited with 18 USDA violations

The USDA cited Noah’s Park Retreat in Goshen, New York, with critical violation of animal care regulations. The farm failed inspections for multiple reasons, including inadequate ventilation, rusty wire, and improper fencing. In April of 2021, the same male wallaby escaped and was recaptured by police. According to the USDA’s website, Noah’s Park Retreat was cited with 16 violations in the past year. In one violation, multiple gates were left unlocked, and two wallabies escaped from their enclosures. In addition, the facility failed to install a perimeter fence.

According to the USDA, Noah’s Park Retreat failed to meet federal animal welfare standards in eight areas, including the fence surrounding the tiger enclosure. The fence failed to meet the federal Animal Welfare Act’s safety and health standards, and the zebra enclosure’s gate did not contain a hinge. The deer enclosure had a six-inch gap, which was bridged by a chain.

It is a turn-key opportunity

This 501c(3) nonprofit organization is looking for an owner to purchase the Noah’s Park Retreat property. The property is a seven-acre paradise with lush flower gardens, a playground, and shaded benches. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey business or a great getaway for your family, the property has it all. The property also features jungle and mountain views. And, as an added bonus, it’s kid-friendly!

A Noah’s Park Retreat is a turnkey opportunity for those who love animals. Located in Goshen, NY, the property offers 7.3 acres of park-like land, a four-bedroom house, and plenty of space for guests to roam. Guests can enjoy the park’s koalas and other animals, while learning about their habitats. Noah’s Park is a haven for unusual animals, like Emu and Fennec foxes. Click here for the next blog post.



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