Huckleberry Ridge State Forest in New York

Tides aren’t available at Huckleberry Ridge State Forest in New York, but nearby locations do. You can see the current Tides at other locations nearby. Here are some tips to plan your hiking trip:

Lenape Ridge State Forest

The Huckleberry Range State Park is a 1510-acre preserve in the southern Shawangunk Ridge of New York State. It borders New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The park is open to the public and has designated camping areas 150 feet from trails. A short side trail leads to a small waterfall. This waterfall only exists during wet weather. If you are interested in hiking the trails, there is a mini-trail that loops around the Huckleberry Ridge State Forest. Learn more by clicking here.

Minisink Trail

The Minisink Trail in Huckleberry Ridge is a section of the Lenape Ridge / Minisink Trail loop that is part of the state’s Huckleberry Ridge State Forest. The trailhead for the minisink is located on US Route 6 in Greenville, NY. The state owns 389 acres on the Shawangunk Ridge. There are no groomed trails in this section of the forest, but cross-country skiers can enjoy this portion of the trail.

Shawangunk Ridge Trail

The Shawangunk ridge trail is a 43-mile route in the Huckleberry Mountain region of Orange County, New York. The trail connects two parks, High Point State Park in New Jersey and Sam’s Point Preserve in Cragsmoor, NY. It is an excellent hike for families with children and adults alike. At the end of the trail, you’ll come to the Metro-North railroad tracks. iscover More about The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge.

Calhoun Family Forest

The Huckleberry Ridge State Forrest is located in the Tri-State Area in southern New York. The area borders Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The forest is over 1,450 acres in size and contains sections of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail and Long Path. The trails are maintained by volunteers with help from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. You can hike or mountain bike along the trails here. The forest is accessible from Port Jervis and is close to the Lenape Ridge Trail and Minisink Trail Loop.


The 11-sectioned Huckleberry Ridge State Forest offers hikers beautiful views of the Neversink River Valley. It is also home to sections of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail and the 356-mile Long Path. The forest is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The state forest website has safety tips and links to rules and regulations, including information about the trails and the regulations of the park.


Maps of Huckleberry Ridge State Forest are available at the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. The map of Huckleberry Ridge State Forest shows the 275-mile-long Kittatinny Trails, and also features elevation contours. Maps of Huckleberry Ridge State Forest are available as waterproof Tyvek prints, or you can download digital versions for your smartphone or tablet. Huckleberry Ridge State Forest has many trails maintained by volunteers and visitors are encouraged to follow these routes.


If you enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring New York’s natural beauty, consider exploring the wildlife in Huckleberry Ridge State Forest, NY. With over 1510 acres, Huckleberry Ridge State Forest encompasses the southern Shawangunk Ridge, near the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border. The forest allows camping on the grounds as close as 150 feet to the hiking trails. If you’re traveling by car, the state’s website offers helpful information on rules and regulations. Continue reading about Harness Racing Museum & Hall Of Fame.


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