Earl Reservoir Park Highland Mills NY – Things to Do

You’ve heard of Earl Reservoir Park in Highland Mills, New York. While there’s nothing wrong with barbecuing with a good friend, or enjoying a quiet afternoon, you’re likely wondering what else this park has to offer. This park is perfect for everyone, and even welcomes your dog. If you’re not sure what to do in this park, it’s easy to plan your next trip by using our free template trip planner. Read on for some ideas.

Dog park

If you’re looking for a dog park in the heart of Highland Mills, New York, look no further. You can find Earl Reservoir Park with its pristine landscape and variety of activities for you and your dog. It’s the perfect place to have a barbeque, enjoy some solitude, and play with your pet. There’s even a trip planner and ready templates that will make your next visit a breeze.

Just a half-mile from the Highland Mills dog park, you’ll find a half-mile-long lake for swimming, boating, paddle boarding, or fishing. The park is also close to Rt 17 and Metro North, and has easy access to NYC. You’ll find a variety of other activities near the area, including summer camp and a dog park. Despite being a small town, the Highland Mills area is surrounded by many amenities, including a variety of restaurants and shopping outlets. A great place to also visit is Mount Peter Ski Area.

Swimming area

You will find a swimming area at Earl Reservoir Park Highland Mill, NY. The pond and lake are both part of the Moodna Creek watershed and cover 117 acres. The water is relatively deep, averaging 22 feet. The lake is located at an elevation of 705 feet (215 meters) above sea level. The lake has many recreational facilities, including a diving board and picnic tables. There are also occasional concerts at this venue.

During our April 11, 2019 visit, our Monroe-Woodbury AP Environmental Science class and the Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council conducted tests to evaluate the water quality at the two locations. The soil fertility, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, phosphate concentration, and total coliform test were all within normal ranges.

Paddle boats

There are two locations to rent paddle boats near the Town of Highland Mills. The first location is Walton Lake, which covers 117 acres. It is 2.4 miles long, with a maximum depth of 68 feet and a typical depth of 22 feet. It is located at an elevation of 705 feet, or 215 meters above sea level. Both places are great for families to use paddle boats, or to take a dip in the water.

Another place to rent paddle boats is the nearby Town of Woodbury, which offers a spring-fed, cement bottom pool. This facility is also close to a playground, picnic area, tennis courts, and playground soccer fields. Parents can enjoy the water while exercising with their kids or a date. They can also enjoy a quiet day by themselves and even enjoy a barbeque while out on the water.


If you are looking for a new fishing spot, you can’t go wrong with the nearby Earl Reservoir Park in Highland Mills, New York. Not only does it offer fishing, but the park is also home to a dog park, so you can bring your pet with you. You can also plan a trip to the park with its convenient trip planner, which provides templates for all activities.

There are many ways to fish at Earl Reservoir Park, including wading in, standing on the shore, and casting from a dock. The lake has a sandy beach and a diving platform for you to try your luck. Paddle boats are available for you to use, too. If you want to take the fishing experience further, you can try your luck with the various lakes in the area. Continue reading about Storm King Art Center.


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