Best Backup Sump Pump

A backup sump pump should be reliable and efficient, because it could save your home from flooding. A good backup pump can also have additional attributes like WiFi so you can check on the status of the pump without having to go into the basement. It also has a battery backup so it will automatically take over if the power goes out.

The cost of a backup sump pump will depend on the quality and style. Cheaper models will have lower pumping capacity and a shorter life, but they will still serve you well if you don’t have too much water coming into the sump. Moreover, the best backup sump pump will have a high enough pumping capacity to get rid of water in a short period of time. The Water Commander(tm) is an excellent backup sump pump that comes with several useful features. The battery backup sump pump has an integrated float switch. This device activates the backup sump pump when the water level rises. Several types of float switches are available. Some are smart and can send notifications to your phone. Battery backup sump pumps have a backup pump powered by a 12-volt battery. They can run for several hours, allowing you to pump water from your basement when your main pump is off. A battery backup sump pump can handle short power surges as well as heavy water during an hours-long power outage.

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